What is underwriting?

“Advertising” in public radio is called underwriting. Simply put, underwriting is when
KHOL gives on-air recognition of your contribution to the station. FCC guidelines
require that our on-air announcements be factual. KHOL will partner with you to
create a customized 15-20 second underwriting spot for your business or organization.

What is so special about underwriting?

Your message stands out every time. KHOL features no more than 2 underwriting
spots each hour,  so your message won’t get buried in a cluttered bombardment of
canned commercial ads.

Your message reaches a dedicated and loyal listenership, unlike commercial radio.
In addition to building awareness of your products and services, underwriting with
KHOL builds goodwill for your business or organization by demonstrating your support
of community radio. You also build relationships with KHOL listeners, members and
volunteers as well as organizations served by the station.

KHOL is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your support ensures that KHOL continues to be a vital
resource in Jackson. Good for your business, good for the community. What a nice combination 

2015 KHOL Rate Sheet

Contact Michael at Michael@891khol.org to find out more about underwriting with KHOL.