KHOL Membership Drive Information

Our next Membership Drive is coming up August 1st-7th, 2017. We hope that you’ll be able to show your support for your community radio station. There are a couple of ways you can do that right now!

You can become a Challenge Grantor

This is a great option for getting the word out about your local business, or for individuals who are able to contribute at the $300 level or above. Challenge Grantors form the backbone of our fundraising efforts. When businesses or individuals donate $300 or more, they can choose which hour(s) of the drive they would like to challenge listeners to call up and “match” their Challenge Grant.

Some of the additional benefits of becoming a Challenge Grantor include:
-Multiple daily on air mentions throughout the drive, and for two weeks afterwards.
-The ability to come by the station and talk on air about what your business does, and why you’re choosing to support KHOL.
-Placement on the Supporters page of our website.
-Tickets to our Membership Drive Thank You Party at The Pick Garter Theatre, which always features a new KHOL favorite band. Details on this year’s party TBA.
*Challenge Grantors who commit to donating $500 or more have options to create some underwriting (our version of advertising) announcements.

Download our Challenge Grantor form


Fill out the form now online

You can find more details about our underwriting program here:  2017 KHOL Underwriting Packet

You can make an “In Kind” donation of goods or services

This is another excellent way to show your support for KHOL and get the word out about your local business. Gift cards are typically the best way to deliver what your business offers to our listeners as “Thank Yous” for them donating at certain monetary levels. Examples of “In Kind” thank you gifts have included meals at restaurants, massages, retail store discount cards and more.

Additional benefits of making In Kind Donations include:
-Multiple mentions on our airwaves throughout the hour(s) that your thank you gifts are available to our listeners.
-The ability to come by the station and describe what you are donating, what your business does, and why you’re choosing to support KHOL.
-Product and business name recognition among our DJs (over 60 of them and growing) and loyal listeners, who are more apt to shop local when they know that your business supports their favorite radio station.

Download our In Kind Donations form

You can feed our DJs and volunteer phone operators

Do you own a local restaurant? For the duration of our drive, we have anywhere from 5-10 people in the station, running around like crazy people, and working up an appetite. We love getting fed, and will happily let the listeners know who has dropped off the latest and tastiest goods. Call us at 307-733-4030 or email for more information.

You can make an old fashioned donation to KHOL

Follow the link to see our Donate to KHOL page.

Thank you for supporting Jackson Hole Community Radio!