KHOL ‘Battle of the Local Bands’ – Vote Now!

KHOL ‘Battle of the Local Bands’ – Vote Now!

Make your voice heard! Which local band played the best set in our studios, and deserves to open the Sinkane show on Tuesday September 26 at The Pink Garter?!?

You can vote with your dollars by calling 307-733-5465 or Click Here To Donate Online!

If you donate online be sure to make your vote count by filling out the form below after all the band videos.

If you’ve already donated to our Summer Membership Drive, don’t worry. We’ll check our donor records and match your name to your donated amount. And if you’d like to add money to your vote, even better!

Voting continues until Friday, August 25. But don’t wait, vote now!

Rude Noodle – Raised $1,995 So Far

The Chanman – Raised $35 So Far

Knock On – Raised $505 So Far

Kick Radley – Raised $1,659 So Far

Strum Bucket – Raised $99 So Far